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A pyramid of deep fried balls on a wooden plank, with a small bowl of chutney in the bottom right corner

Indian “Poha” Balls 🧆

Suitable for: vegan, low sodium (12mg), low phosphorus (131mg), low potassium (316mg), gluten-free, soy-free – measured for 5 balls

Bowl of pastas with some creamy mushrooms on top

Creamy Mushroom Pasta 🍄

Suitable for: vegan, low sodium (85mg), soy-free, medium phosphorus (200mg), gluten-free if using gluten-free pastas & cream – measured for 1 portion

Five open jars of pickles seen from the top, inside are some green cucumbers topped with sliced onion and spices

Sweet pickles 🥒

Suitable for: vegan, low phosphorus (11mg), low potassium (75mg), low sodium (2mg), gluten-free, soy-free – measured for 1/4 medium sized jar

A round metal box with Moomin drawings on the side, photographed from the top, with cookies stacked inside

French “Sablés” Biscuits 🍪

Suitable for: vegan, low phosphorus (34mg), low potassium (46mg), soy-free, medium sodium (127mg) – measured for 5 biscuits

Three bowls containing, from left top to right bottom, pineapple fritters, mayo with sesame seeds, and coleslow. There's a glass and a water bottle next to them, as well as two pairs or chopsticks.

Pineapple Fritters & Lime Mayo 🍍

Suitable for: vegan, low phosphorus (81mg), low sodium (38mg), soy-free, medium potassium (504mg) – measured for 1 portion

fried eggplant slices peppered with green onion and sesame seeds, on a bed of rice

Eggplant Donburi 🍆

Suitable for: low phosphorus (90mg), low potassium (390mg), gluten-free, soy-free, medium sodium (412mg), vegan if using vegan Worcestershire sauce – measured for 1 portion

Photo of me: a white person with yellow green hair and eye shadow, and a black shirt with "Refugees welcome" written in yellow
Hi, I’m Köle!

I’m a home cook & baker with an auto immune kidney disease – IgA nephropathy.

I created this blog to share recipes that are low in salt, phosphorus and potassium, and mostly plant based!

If you’re on a medical diet, always check what’s best for you with your doctor as different types and stages of kidney disease require different diets.
I’m not a professional nutritionist, and I cannot guaranty that the nutritional information I add to my articles is completely accurate – always double check on your own.

I’m genderfluid & use they/them pronouns.